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7 Tips To Consider Before You Order A Custom Cake

Nothing quite compares to a personalised cake to give festivities that extra special touch. Ordering a bespoke cake can be a terrific way to ensure that you receive precisely what you want, whether you’re searching for a birthday cake, wedding cake, or any other form of special occasion cake. But if you’ve never placed a bespoke cake order before, the procedure could seem a little overwhelming. The abundance of options at the cake shop near you and the ideas floating around the internet can be too much for you. The first step in having a personalised cake that suits your specifications and budget is speaking with a reputable bakery. Ordering a customised cake may be simple and stress-free with a little bit of planning and preparation.

The following are seven tips you should remember when you order a custom cake from a bakery. 

Design – Cakes

Do you already have a plan in mind? If you do, that’s a fantastic place to begin! If not, find a baker right away rather than waiting until you only have two days left. Spend some time coming up with ideas even weeks or, if possible, months before the occasion. Consider carefully the colour, theme, style, and decorations.

It’s great to have as many ideas as you can! Yet, a specialty cake may not work well with a variety of decorations and theme suggestions. Overcrowding of designs could result, which could have highly undesirable effects.


A bespoke cake’s price range is as diverse as its stylistic options. About the price range you’re willing to pay for your personalised cake, be reasonable. Go around to get a sense of what a cake of your size, style, and design would typically cost. Find out from your cake provider what size a slice of cake is considered to be on a regular basis. If they are much bigger than you could cut, you might be able to get away with getting a smaller online cake order in Delhi to save money. If the cake you want is above your budget, speak with your baker so we can make suggestions and alterations that might lower the price. 

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Flavour – Cakes

It might be simple to decide on the taste of your cake for a birthday celebration. But with important events, that is not the case. Always take a sip to be safe. There are classic home flavours and novel cuisines you haven’t tried at every meal. The good news is that bakeries host sampling events, especially for important occasions. In the world of bakeries, vanilla, chocolate, and marble cakes are standard flavours, but if you enjoy them, why not?

You can add flavorful fillings to the top of custom cakes for the greatest results. With your baker’s guidance, of course, custom cakes offer the chance for unusual combinations!

Ask for samples

Ask for samples first before deciding to place an order for a customised dessert. This way, you can sample the bakery’s offerings and determine whether they’re suitable for your event.

Tell them what exactly you want – Cakes

It’s vital to be as specific as possible when speaking with a baker over the phone or in person. You can begin by describing a broad theme or concept for your cake before getting into specifics like flavour and colour. Also, you must inform the baker of the due date for your photo cake and the expected attendance number. This is the time to include images and other sources of reference. Yet, don’t expect the baker to replicate a creation made by someone else; doing so won’t result in a distinctive, superior product.

Consider your guest list

Without a doubt, your bespoke cake should impress you! On the other hand, you could want to take your guests’ preferences into account. For example, you can’t add horror elements if it’s your child’s birthday, but you can if it’s an all-adult party. Instead, kids should be entertained by animated characters.

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Yet, if you can’t enjoy your cake on your special day, then who will? Also, each guest is unique and has distinct preferences, so try not to worry too much!

Proper transportation is important – Cakes

Although this advice will be useful to you after you have bought your personalised cake, it is still crucial to know it beforehand. Note that patience is essential whether you are picking up your dessert in person or having it delivered from the bakery. Moving a cake requires great care and can take some time, especially if it is tall or ornate. Make sure you are ready to take that time when your personalised cake is finished.


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