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Don’t ignore Dino Skater if you are sick of free endless running games and all its pitfalls

There are several explanations for why and how the dinosaurs died out. Some scientists point to continental upheaval and related climate change.

Others question if a significant volcanic explosion was at blame. The idea that a significant meteor crash caused tons of dust to be released into the stratosphere and gave the dinosaurs a terrible day is generally accepted.

Dino Skater presents a new idea for consideration. Dinosaurs went extinct because they were totally bogus skaters incapable of performing even one sweet Ollie.

A dinosaur’s last ride

Even though Dino Skater has to be filed as an “endless runner” for the sake of convenience, there’s no running here. The little dinosaur fleeing for his life never once pumps his little reptilian legs. Instead, as soon as the apocalyptic meteors begin falling, he skates for his life.

It’s a bit depressing, really. Like all endless runners you’re inevitably doomed to failure. The point of the game is simply to roll on for as long as possible. But the end does arrive sooner or later. You’re skating for a lost cause.

That’s not to suggest Dino Skater is without merit. It’s a pretty typical endless runner, and natural law states that all things are made better with dinosaurs.

Each run begins with a meteor striking the earth just behind Dino. He hops on his board and skates in a (again, ultimately fruitless) search for safety.

But Dino is a good soul who’s looking to save his sauropod and theropod brethren as well as himself. He does by capturing red eggs and lowering the ever-rising lava level.

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Despite Dino’s efforts, the other dinosaurs just stand and blink stupidly while death rains around them. That’s OK. As you’ll quickly discover, the back of an Apatosaurus is history’s greatest skateboard ramp.

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Prehistoric grind

In fact, grinding in Dino Skater is generally fun. Turns out the natural world, with its branches, cliffs, and the aforementioned dinosaur backs, is a skate park.

There is a small problem, though. It’s often hard to tell what objects you can grind on and which you’ll automatically fall through.

Falling onto the solid ground is OK, but attempting to fall onto a dinosaur’s back without grinding onto it spills you right to the ground – which may or may not be covered with rising lava.

The thing is, all of Dino Skater‘s graphics appear to occupy the same layer, so it’s very easy to get confused. Objects that can be slid on are highlighted blue, but it’s a faint light that’s easily missed.

Jurass is toast

Aside from its cute theme and the option to dress up Dino in fun hats and accessories, Dino Riders doesn’t bring anything new to the well-worn endless runner genre. You can expect the same kinds of hazards, and the same kinds of power-ups (coin magnets, anyone?).

In other words, if you’ve had it with free-to-play endless running games and all their trappings, skip Dino Skater. But if you’re still down with the eternal sprint, things don’t get much radder than a dinosaur on a skateboard. Go for it.

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