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Drift Champions is a retro-inspired top-down racer for iOS and Android

An forthcoming top-down racing game called Drift Champions is going to be available for iOS and Android, and pre-registration for the game is now being taken on Google Play. Holy Cow Games, whose previous game Mystic Pillars you may be familiar with, is responsible for developing this game.

It’s definitely a shift in tone now that they’ve moved on from the slow and meditative process of solving puzzles to the frenetic activity of racing around the circuit. Drift Champions is a racing video game that takes its design cues from the 1980s and has a style that contrasts vividly colored vehicles with subdued tones for the race courses. It is undeniable that this racer has an attractive appearance.

It is the intention of Holy Cow Games to infuse the game with that same refined sense of style, and one of the game’s primary focuses will be on drifting with flair. As you drift around curves at high speeds, trails will follow after your vehicle. These trails may be customized, and there are over one hundred different color possibilities available. In addition, players will have their pick from more than ten different cards, providing them enough opportunity for customization.

You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of gameplay options based on the kind of atmosphere you want to create. They are the Career mode, the Drift Hunters, the Time Trial mode, and the Elimination mode. So whether you’re searching for an extended play session or simply want to perform a fast race, it seems that you’ll have plenty of options to choose from and that your needs will be met.

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Once you get proficient with Drift Champions’ straightforward control structure, there are twelve distinct courses to get to know. If the quality of the music is any indication from the attached trailer above, your racing endeavors will be accompanied by it.

Pre-registration for Drift Champions is now accessible on Google Play, where it will ultimately be released, and the App Store. There is currently no information on the release date, but we’ll keep you informed. The game will be available for free with in-app purchases.

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