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ICU Suspension Bridge Dry Wet Separation Suspension Bridge

This article introduces the dry and wet separation suspension bridge of the ICU suspension bridge. The ICU suspension bridge is a bridge-type suspension bridge, which is used in the ICU ward of the hospital. The ICU ward is also called the intensive care unit. There are still some differences between this ward and the ordinary ward.



The medical suspension bridge is an indispensable medical equipment in the modern intensive care unit of the hospital. It is mainly used to place infusion racks and various medical instruments, which is convenient for medical staff to distribute cables uniformly and reasonably after diagnosis and treatment of patients, and is used for various medical gas tubes. The output terminal of the road, the balanced suspension beam can ensure the level of the instrument platform, so as to ensure the safety of the medical instrument, and it is convenient and reliable to use



The ICU suspension bridge is mainly composed of a bridge frame, a dry section and a wet section. It is generally used for the terminal connection of oxygen supply, suction, compressed air, nitrogen and other medical gases in the operating room, and a bridge-type suspension system designed for the whole process of monitoring and recovery room.



The main material is made of high-strength aviation-grade aluminum profiles, the surface treatment is coated with imported powder, and it is anti-glare. The air source interface and power supply are distributed on both sides of the tower body, which can realize electrical separation, ensure the separation of gas and electricity and realize the separation of strong and weak electricity

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The instrument platform adopts two-layer standard configuration, and the number of platforms can be increased according to clinical needs. It adopts rounded corner anti-collision design, and the standard configuration of gas ports: 2 oxygen ports, 2 air ports, 1 negative pressure suction port, and 1 carbon dioxide port. Different colors and shapes, with anti-misconnection function, more than 20,000 times of plugging and unplugging, adopts secondary sealing, with on-off status, and can be repaired with air



The medical ICU suspension bridge is divided into dry and wet integration and dry and wet separation according to the dry and wet functions. The dry and wet areas adopt a cantilever structure, which improves the treatment space. The rotating part uses brakes to prevent drift. The surface of the composite material cleaned by the disinfectant can prevent pollution and other damage, and provide a lot of help for clinical treatment, and can also add other types of systems according to the actual needs of the hospital

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