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Opal Jewelry – Read These 5 Tips Before You Buy It.

Opal jewelry is more of an investment because of its enduring beauty and exquisiteness, which leverages the wearer’s allure and attractiveness for years.

Opal is one of the most valuable stones in the jewelry and gemstone industries. Because of its extraordinary beauty and captivating appearance, opal jewelry not only enhances the wearer’s grace but also gives them a reason to hold their heads high in dignity.

All types of opal jewelry, including opal rings, opal pendants, opal necklaces, opal earrings, etc., have a lifetime commitment to exalt the wearer’s individuality and can be passed down the generations.

The benefits of this one-time investment may even benefit future generations!

Here Are Some Tips Before You Buy Your Own Real And Opal Jewelry

Soaking opals in water will not prevent them from cracking

Opals are inherently non-porous. Simply put, it cannot soak and will not absorb if immersed in water, oil, or any other liquid.

The notorious premonition behind this myth is that “opal has quite a high-water content in its composition, almost 6-7%. Well, when water molecules get trapped in tiny cracks in the structured silicon of the opal crystal, this water content is determined during the formation of the opal.

Therefore, the high-water content of opals cannot substantiate the myth that soaking opal gemstones in water will prolong their shelf life.

Reality can be very frustrating. In most cases, cracked or cracked opals cannot be repaired. However, the good news is that if the broken opal is very large, it can be polished and set into another piece of jewelry, such as an opal ring or an opal pendant.

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Opals don’t break easily

If you’ve ever heard someone says “your opal is too fragile, don’t drop it or it will break with your heart” then that penny is 100% misleading.

Opal is undoubtedly softer and more brittle than other gemstones on the wholesale jewelry market, but that doesn’t mean it shatters when it hits the ground.

Just be sure to remove the opal ring before doing household chores like gardening and cleaning and keep it away from hard, rough surfaces.

With a little care and common sense, your opal can live long and serve your offspring.

Black opal does not have a completely black surface

If all black opals are completely black or dark, then why is the rock one of the most beautiful and valuable opals? In this case, they are worth nothing.

Black opals are rich in colors and tones that shine on their surfaces taking full advantage of their beauty and charm. The term “black” simply refers to the darkness of its surface compared to other types of opal like white opal or matrix opal.

Have you ever seen an opal pendant with a black opal? The way it meets your eyes, blurring all darkness with its brilliance and splendor, it’s right next to heaven.

Never use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your opal jewelry

An ultrasonic cleaner is by far one of the most effective tools for restoring the shine and beauty of a gemstone, whether it is turquoise, diamond, or gold.

However, Opal is an exception.

These ultrasonic cleaners use high-intensity sound waves to loosen dust and dirt particles from the surface of the stone into a liquid.

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Since opal is relatively brittle and soft compared to other gemstones sold in the wholesale gemstone jewelry market, high-frequency sound waves can put enormous pressure on the soft surface of the opal, causing cracks and even severe damage to opal jewelry.

Opal doublets and triplets should not stay underwater too long. This bottom is attached to the stone with a gelatinous substance

In the triple opal layer, an extra third translucent layer is added, which is very thin, and is used to protect the stone in opal jewelry, such as in an opal ring or an opal pendant.

However, artificial glue weakens if exposed to water for a long time. It can even cause the stone backing or additional layers to peel off, causing potential damage.

If you have a solid opal, water will not damage your opal. Just be sure to keep it away from hard, rough surfaces.

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