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Stay Safe on the Road: 5 Helpful Tips for Commercial Truck Drivers

The job of a commercial truck driver is dangerous and difficult. It is a dangerous job. They must transport hazardous and heavy cargo over long distances in all types of weather. It can be dangerous.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 438,000 large trucks involved in accidents in 2014 resulted in 3,903 deaths and 111,000 injuries.

What can truck drivers do to increase their own safety and that of other drivers? Here are some guidelines that can help.

Check the weather forecast

It’s not easy to drive through ice or snow in any vehicle. But it is especially difficult in a large truck. When extreme weather conditions are present, commercial truck drivers need to be extra careful.

When it is raining or snowing, drive well below the posted speed limit. Don’t pass any other vehicles. Give your truck plenty of room to turn and allow more time.

Plan Your Loading

It takes experience and training to load a truck correctly. You should not stack cargo to the top of the truck. This will make it too heavy and cause problems when maneuvering. Loading the truck correctly will improve its handling and fuel efficiency.

Allow space between your truck and the next vehicle

Be sure to observe basic safety precautions. For example, leave enough space between your truck’s front and the vehicle in front. You need more time to stop a heavy truck, which you will not have if you are tailgating.

Be Careful on Curvy Roads

NHTSA reports that 9 percent of large truck accidents involved both the truck and other vehicle driving around a bend at the time of accident. Commercial drivers should be aware of road conditions and pay extra attention to curves.

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Don’t drive drowsy

It’s dangerous to drive while drowsy for any motorist. But commercial truck drivers are at a greater risk due to their grueling work schedule. Do not force yourself to drive if you are feeling tired. You’re better off stopping and taking a break than putting your life in danger.

Make sure to get enough rest so you can return to work without straining your body.

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