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The Evolution of Men’s Hairstyles From the 1950s to Today

Men’s hairstyles have come a long way since the 1950s. Men’s grooming trends have shifted and evolved throughout the years, with new haircuts and styles becoming popular every decade. In this article, we’ll explore the evolution of men’s hairstyles from the 1950s to today, with insights from the best barber in Toronto or the best barbers downtown.


The 1950s was a time of conservative men’s hairstyles. Popular haircuts included the classic crew cut, the flat top, and the slicked-back look. Men kept their hair short and neat, maintaining a clean, polished appearance.


The 1960s saw a shift towards longer, shaggier hairstyles. The Beatles popularized the “mop-top” haircut, which was longer in the front and shorter in the back. Other popular hairstyles included the “mod” cut, which was shorter and more textured, and the “surfer” cut, which was longer and more tousled.


The 1970s was a decade of experimentation and individuality. Men’s hairstyles became longer, focusing on natural texture and volume. Popular haircuts included the shag, the afro, and the feathered look. Men also started experimenting with facial hair, making moustaches and beards popular.


The 1980s was a time of excess, and men’s hairstyles reflected this. Hair became more prominent, bolder, and more styled, with popular haircuts including the mullet, the pompadour, and the “rat tail.” Men also started experimenting with hair color, with highlights and bleached tips becoming popular.


The 1990s saw a return to shorter, more minimalist hairstyles. Popular haircuts included the “Caesar” cut, the buzz cut, and the “curtain” cut. Men also started experimenting with different hair textures, making curly and wavy hair more popular.

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2000s to Today

The 2000s saw a variety of different men’s hairstyles, with a focus on individuality and personal style. Popular haircuts included the spiky look, the “faux hawk,” and the side-parted undercut. Men also started experimenting with facial hair, with beards and mustaches becoming popular again. Today, men’s hairstyles continue to evolve, with new trends and styles emerging yearly.

Influential styles

Iconic stars have often influenced men’s hairstyles throughout history. For example, Elvis Presley’s signature pompadour hairstyle became a cultural phenomenon in the 1950s, inspiring many men to style their hair similarly. James Dean’s slicked-back hairstyle in the 1955 film “Rebel Without a Cause” also became popular among young men. Today, celebrities like David Beckham and Ryan Gosling continue to influence men’s hairstyles with their short, textured haircuts and well-groomed beards. The best barber in Toronto and the best barbers downtown can help you achieve these iconic looks or suggest a modern take.

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